Australian Book Releases

A listing of book releases – and nothing more

February 2015


King of the Road – Nigel Bartlett (Random House)

Black Light – KA Bedford (Fremantle Press)

Clade – James Bradley (Penguin)

Medea’s Curse: Natalie King, Forensic Psychiatrist – Anne Buist (Text)

Snowy River Man – Lizzy Chandler (Escape/Harlequin)

Forgotten Fragrance – Tea Cooper (Escape/Harlequin)

Runaway Lies – Shannon Curtis (Harlequin)

Moving Tigers – Bob Franklin (Affirm Press)

AWOL: The Timekeeper’s Trilogy Part 3 – Traci Harding (Voyager/HarperCollins)

Tell the Truth – Katherine Howell (Pan Macmillan)

Unconditional: Always 1 – Cherie M Hudson (Momentum)

The Last Quarrel: Episode 2 – Duncan Lay (Momentum)

Waiting for April – Jaime Loren (Momentum)

Gun Street Girl – Adrian McKinty (Allen & Unwin)

Useful – Debra Oswald (Penguin)

Return to Moondilla – Tony Parsons (Allen & Unwin)

The Hunted – James Phelan (Hachette)

Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives – Willow – Christina Phillips (Escape/Harlequin)

Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives – Emma – Viveka Portman (Escape/Harlequin)

Wicked Confessions – Viveka Portman (Harlequin)

The Social Diary – Ros Reines (Allen & Unwin)

Empty Heart – Elisabeth Rose (Escape/Harlequin)

Cartel: Book 1 – Lili St Germain (HarperCollins)

Second Chance Island – Jenny Schwartz (Escape/Harlequin)

The Torch – Peter Twohig (HarperCollins)

Unstitched – Jacquie Underdown (Escape/Harlequin)

Arkie’s Pilgrimage to the Next Big Thing – Lisa Walker (Random House)

Trio – Geraldine Wooller (Transit Lounge)

The Dating Quiz – LJ Young (Destiny/Penguin)



Open House – David Brooks (UQP)

Conversations I’ve Never Had – Caitlin Maling (Fremantle Press)



The Rise and Fall of Gunns Ltd – Quentin Beresford (NewSouth)

Joe’s Fruit Shop & Milk Bar – Zoe Boccabella (ABC Books/HarperCollins)

Becoming Westerly – Jamie Brisick (Allen & Unwin)

Gallipoli: The Turkish Defence – Harvey Broadbent (Miegunyah Press/MUP)

With Every Step: A Son’s Quest and a Father’s Promise – Neil Cadigan (Nero/Black Inc)

The Abyssinian Contortionist: Hope, Friendship and Other Circus Acts – David Carlin (UWAP)

The Bradman Museum’s World of Cricket – Mike Coward (Allen & Unwin)

Garden Pests, Diseases and Good Bugs – Denis Crawford (ABC Book/HarperCollins)

The Greengrocer’s Diet – Judy Davie (Pan Macmillan)

Everything You Need to Know about the Reference to Recognise Indigenous Australians – Megan Davis, George Williams (NewSouth)

Paul Keating: The Biography – David Day (HarperCollins)

Earth Dances: Music in Search of the Primitive – Andrew Ford (Black Inc)

That Sugar Book – Damon Gameau (Pan Macmillan)

The Big Little Book of Resilience – Matthew Johnstone (Pan Macmillan)

Still Travelling: My Life as a Leyland Brother and Beyond – Mal Leyland (Allen & Unwin)

Clear & Concise: Become a Better Business Writer – Susan McKerihan (Black Inc)

Running Out? Water in Western Australia – Ruth A Morgan (UWAP)

Mayday: How warring egos forced Qantas off course – Matt O’Sullivan (Penguin)

The Happiness Quest – Lana Penrose (Finch)

Growing Great Kids – Chris Riley and Sue Williams (HarperCollins)

Sudan 1885 – Michael Tyquin (Big Sky Publishing)

Get Commando Fit – Steve Willis (Hachette)




And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda – Eric Bogle, ill. Bruce Whatley (Allen & Unwin)

The Girl from the Great Sandy Desert – Jukuna Mona Chuguna, Pat Lowe, ill. Mervyn Street (Magabala)

1916 Do You Dare? Jimmy’s War – Sherryl Clark (Penguin)

Good Enough for a Sheep Station – David Cox (Allen & Unwin)

Birrung: The Secret Friend – Jackie French (HarperCollins)

Stuff Happens: Fadi – Scot Gardner (Penguin)

Unwanted – Amanda Holohan (Penguin)

1854 Do You Dare? Eureka Boys – Penny Matthews (Penguin)

Stuff Happens: Ethan – Oliver Phommavanh (Penguin)

Frankie Fox: Ready, Set, Spy – Yvette Poshoglian (Hachette)

Our Australian Girl: Meet Marly (Book 1) – Alice Pung (Penguin)

Lennie the Legend: Solo to Sydney by Pony – Stephanie Owen Reeder (National Library of Australia)

For the Forest of a Bird – Sue Saliba (Penguin)

Fearless: Sons & Daughter – Colin Thompson, ill. Sarah Davis (HarperCollins)

A Small Madness – Dianne Touchell (Allen & Unwin)


January 2015


Avenger: Book 3 of the Intrepid Series – Chris Allen (Momentum)

Love & Other Lies – Madeline Ash (Destiny/Penguin)

Secrets of Whitewater Creek – Sarah Barrie (Escape/Harlequin)

Book of the Dead (Matt Kerns) – Greig Beck (Momentum)

Emergence: A Dave Hooper Novel 1 – John Birmingham (Pan Macmillan)

Nanny Confidential – Philippa Christian (Allen & Unwin)

Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives – Jorja – Lexxie Couper (Escape/Harlequin)

Intensive Care – Nicki Edwards (Momentum)

Grand Slam – SA Gordon (Xoum)

It Started with a Kiss – Lisa Heidke (Allen & Unwin)

Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives – Christa – Keziah Hill  (Escape/Harlequin)

The Maxwell Sisters – Loretta Hill (Random House)

Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives – Meagan – Shona Husk (Escape/Harlequin)

The House at the Bottom of the Hill – Jennie Jones (Escape/Harlequin)

The Last Quarrel: Episode 1 – Duncan Lay (Momentum)

Roses for Sophie – Alyssa J Montgomery (Escape/Harlequin)

Winning the King – Nicole Murphy (Escape/Harlequin)

Storm Clouds – Bronwyn Parry (Hachette)

The Observations of a Curious Governess – Viveka Portman (Escape/Harlequin)

Blood Oath: The Janna Chronicles 1 – Felicity Pulman (Momentum)

Volcano Street – David Rain (Allen & Unwin)

Bad Romeo – Leisa Rayven (Pan Macmillan)

The Lost Souls Dating Agency – Suneeti Rekhari (Escape/Harlequin)



Fit Not Healthy – Vanessa Alford (Finch)

Money, Marriage and Divorce – Paul Clitheroe (Penguin)

Mateship: A Very Australian Story – Nick Dyrenfurth (Scribe)

The RSL Book of World War I – John Gatfield and Richard Landels (HarperCollins)

Clean Living Fast Food – Luke Hines & Scott Gooding (Hachette)

Combat Colonels of the AIF in the Great War – David Clare Holloway (Big Sky Publishing)

Supercharged Food: Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian – Lee Holmes (Murdoch Books)

Believe in Yourself and Do What You Love – Kate James (Affirm Press)

The Soul of the Outback – Mai Maddisson (Brolga)

Parenting Teenagers – The Reach Foundation (Affirm Press)

Confessions of a Millionaire Mistress – Ava Reilly (Allen & Unwin)



Anders and the Comet – Gregory Mackay (Allen & Unwin)

Faking It – Gabrielle Tozer (HarperCollins)

Paper Planes – Steve Worland (Penguin)




December 2014


The Water Diviner – Andrew Anastasios and Meaghan Wilson-Anastasios (Pan Macmillan)

Heart’s Desire: The Bold and the Beautiful – Amy Andrews (Momentum)

Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives – Sienna – Tamsin Baker (Escape/Harlequin)

Dangerous Love: The Bold and the Beautiful – Ros Baxter (Momentum)

The Mystery of the Venus Island Fetish – Dido Butterworth (Text)

A Touch of Frost: Frosty’s Snowmen Book 1 – Rhian Cahill (Escape/Harlequin)

The Last Pulse – Anson Cameron (Random House)

Secret Santo – Carla Caruso (Destiny/Penguin)

Shooting Butterflies – TM Clark (Harlequin)

Sunset Love: The Bold and the Beautiful – Shannon Curtis (Momentum)

Dark Desire: Dark Series 2 – Lauren Dawes (Momentum)

Eden – Candice Fox (Random House)

The Prince: The Young Royals 1 – S.A. Gordon (Momentum)

Mine to Hold: ES Siren 4 – Shona Husk (Momentum)

Paris by Heart – Nora James (Escape/Harlequin)

The Next Season – Rachael Johns (Harlequin)

12 Days at Silver Bell House – Jennie Jones (Escape/Harlequin)

Until He Met Meg – Sami Lee (Escape/Harlequin)

Bittersweet – Colleen McCullough (HarperCollins)

12 Daves of Christmas – Juliet Madison (Escape/Harlequin)

Stone Castles – Trish Morey (Pan Macmillan)

Let Down Your Hair – Fiona Price (Momentum)

A Kirribilli Christmas – Louise Reynolds (Destiny/Penguin)

Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives – Nella – Cathleen Ross (Escape/Harlequin)

Mine to Keep: ES Siren 5 – Denise Rossetti (Momentum)

Play: Stage Dive 2 – Kylie Scott (Pan Macmillan)

Riverboat Point – Tricia Stringer (Harlequin)

The Evil Inside – Philip Taffs (Quercus/Hachette)

And Fire Falls – Peter Watt (Pan Macmillan)

Submission – Harrison Young (Jane Curry Publishing)



Behind the Lines 2014: The Year’s Best Political Cartoons (National Museum of Australia

Shine – Samantha Armytage (Hachette)

Is That a Fact? – John Barron (ABC Books/HarperCollins)

Horses in Australia: An illustrated history – Nicolas Brasch (NewSouth)

Adelaide Remember When – Bob Byrne (NewSouth)

The Wit of Whitlam – ed. James Carleton (Melbourne University Press)

Seven Walks: Cape Leeuwin to Bundeena – Tony Carment, ph. Michael Wee (ROC/HIN)

Awaken Your Mind Open Your Heart – Daniel Chidiac (Brolga)

Total Leadfoot: Motoring backfires, burnouts, rattletraps and rarities – Tony Davis (ABC Books/HarperCollins)

Gallipoli: The Landing – Hugh Dolan, ill. Mal Gardiner (NewSouth)

Busy Little Kids – Neva Elliott (Jane Curry Publishing)

Style is Eternal – Nicole Jenkins (Melbourne University Press)

Makeup – Liz Kelsh (HarperCollins)

2015 Australasian Sky Guide – Nick Lomb (Powerhouse Publishing)

Australia Under Surveillance – Frank Moorhouse (Random House)

The Murder of Allison Baden-Clay – David Murray (Random House)

What a Croc! – NT News (Hachette)

Australia – Susan Peters (Brolga)

My Dream Kombi – Susan Redman (HarperCollins)

Marvellous Melbourne and Spiritual Power: A Christian revival and its lasting legacy – Will Renshaw (Acorn Press)

Beyond the Myth of Self-Esteem: Finding fulfilment – John Smith (Acorn Press)

Photography of The Age – Kathleen Whelan (Brolga)

Great White – James Woodford (Pan Macmillan)

Beyond Black and White: My Life in Music – Roger Woodward (HarperCollins)



The Book of Horses and Unicorns – Jackie French (HarperCollins)

November 2014


The Great Plains – Nicole Alexander (Random House)

The Seek – Ros Baxter (Escape/Harlequin)

Unrestrained – Rhyll Biest (Escape/Harlequin)

Unexpected Places – VK Black (Escape/Harlequin)

Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives – Virginia – Rhian Cahill (Escape/Harlequin)

The Silk Thief – Deborah Challinor (HarperCollins)

New Year’s Promise – Anna Clifton (Escape/Harlequin)

Three Stories – JM Coetzee (Text)

Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives – Lana – Cate Ellink (Escape/Harlequin)

Attraction – KM Golland (Harlequin)

Home for Christmas – Fiona Greene (Escape/Harlequin)

Wife on the Run – Fiona Higgins (Allen & Unwin)

Euphoria – Lily King (Picador/Pan Macmillan)

Springtime: A Ghost Story – Michelle de Kretser (Allen & Unwin)

By Winter’s Light – Stephanie Laurens (Harlequin)

The Secret Prince – Justine Lewis (Destiny/Penguin)

The Best Australian Stories 2014 – ed. Amanda Lohrey (Black Inc)

Meant to Be – Fiona McCallum (Harlequin)

Nightingale – Fiona McIntosh (Penguin)

South of Darkness – John Marsden (Pan Macmillan)

The Road Back – Di Morrissey (Pan Macmillan)

Our Kind of Love – Victoria Purman (Harlequin)

The Great Zoo of China – Matthew Reilly (Pan Macmillan)

A Scandalous Wager – Cassandra Samuels (Escape/Harlequin)

Griffith Review 46: The Novella Project II – ed. Julianne Schultz (Text)

Right as Rain – Tricia Stringer (Harlequin)

Merciless Gods – Christos Tsiolkas (Allen & Unwin)

Daughters of the Storm – Kim Wilkins (Harlequin)




The Best 100 Poems of Gwen Harwood – Gwen Harwood (Black Inc)

Sack – John Kinsella (Fremantle Press)

The Best Australian Poems 2014 – ed. Geoff Page (Black Inc)




Royal Australian Navy International Fleet Review (Big Sky Publishing)

Baking Recipes and Secrets from the Test Kitchen – The Australian Women’s Weekly (AWW Publishing)

Stuart Rattle’s Musk Farm – Paul Bangay (Lantern/Penguin)

Roy Higgins: Australia’s Favourite Jockey – Patrick Bartley (Penguin)

Mistress: Between the Sheets with Australia’s Rich, Powerful and Famous – Matthew Benns (Random House)

Bill: The Life of William Dobell – Scott Bevan (Simon & Schuster)

Bert – Graeme Blundell (Hachette)

Cricket as I See It – Allan Border (Allen & Unwin)

Only in New York – Lily Brett (Penguin)

Total Body Transformation Journal – Michelle Bridges (Penguin)

John Olsen: An Artist’s Life – Darleen Bungey (ABC Books/HarperCollins)

Private Bill: In Love and War – Barrie Cassidy (Melbourne University Press)

Captain’s Diary – Michael Clarke (Pan Macmillan)

Made in Italy – Silvia Colloca (Lantern/Penguin)

The Silver Moon: Reflections on life, death and writing – Bryce Courtenay (Penguin)

What Katie Ate: At the Weekend – Katie Quinn Davies (Lantern/Penguin)

What Days Are For – Robert Dessaix (Knopf/Random House)

The Secrets of the Anzacs – Raden Dunbar (Scribe)

The Home Barista: How to Become a Coffee Whiz – Simone Egger and Ruby Ashby Orr (Affirm Press)

Family Food – Pete Evans (Plum/Pan Macmillan)

Pushing the Limits: Life, marathons & Kokoda – Kurt Fearnley (Penguin)

Gallipoli – Peter Fitzsimons (Random House)

Australia on Horseback – Cameron Forbes (Pan Macmillan)

The Making of MONA – Adrian Franklin (Viking/Penguin)

The Art of Traditional Italian – Lucio Galletto (Lantern/Penguin)

When War Came to Fremantle: 1899 to 1945 – Deborah Gare and Madison Lloyd-Jones (Fremantle Press)

The Whole Pantry – Belle Gibson (Lantern/Penguin)

Top Dogs: A celebration of great Australian working dogs – Angela Goode (ABC Books/HarperCollins)

Julie Goodwin’s 20/20 Meals – Julie Goodwin (Hachette)

Shed – Simon Griffiths (Lantern/Penguin)

Peacemongers – Barry Hill (University of Queensland Press)

Clean Living Quick & Easy – Luke Hines and Scott Gooding (Hachette)

A Duck is Watching Me: Strange and Unusual Phobias – Bernie Hobbs (National Library of Australia)

Australian Garden Rescue: Restoring a Damaged Garden – Mary Horsfall (CSIRO)

Love Your Sister – Samuel and Connie Johnson (Hachette)

Australians: Flappers to Vietnam – Thomas Keneally (Allen & Unwin)

The Invisible History of the Human Race – Christine Kenneally (Black Inc)

Well & Good – Nat Kringoudis (Melbourne University Press)

House of Karls – Dr Karl Kruszelnicki (Pan Macmillan)

Robyn Lawley Eats – Robyn Lawley (Random House)

Stand & Deliver: Fifty Years of the National Press Club of Australia – ed. Steve Lewis (Black Inc)

Jonah from Tonga – Chris Lilley, ill. Tim Costello (Allen & Unwin)

Love to Eat: Around the world in 120 simply delicious recipes – Valli Little (ABC Books/HarperCollins)

Superhouse – Karen McCartney (Lantern/Penguin)

Strange Country: Why Australian Painting Matters – Patrick McCaughey (Miegunyah Press/MUP)

Gardening Australia: Love Your Garden – Annette McFarlane (ABC Books/HarperCollins)

A Forger’s Press: The Life of Francis Greenway – Alisdair McGregor (NewSouth)

Between Us: Women of Letters – Michaela McGuire and Marieke Hardy (Penguin)

Holidays – William McInnes (Hachette)

The Best Australian Essays 2014 – ed. Robert Manne (Black Inc)

Dessert Divas – Christine Manfield (Lantern/Penguin)

Home – Karen Martini (Plum/Pan Macmillan)

The Never, Um, Ever Ending Story – Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum with Jeff Jenkins (Allen & Unwin)

Margaret & Gough: The Love Story That Shaped a Nation – Susan Mitchell (Hachette)

Best Australian Political Cartoons 2014 – ed. Russ Radcliffe (Scribe)

It Happened in a Holden – ed. Paddy O’Reilly (Affirm Press)

The Australian Wine Annual 2015 – Jeremy Oliver (Jeremy Oliver)

Last Woman Hanged: The terrible true story of Louisa Collins – Caroline Overington (HarperCollins)

Bradman’s Invincibles – Roland Perry (Hachette)

The Queen, Her Lover and the Most Notorious Spy in History – Roland Perry (Allen & Unwin)

Death by Mustard Gas: How Military Secrecy and Lost Weapons Can Kill – Geoff Plunkett (Big Sky Publishing)

Dame Maggie Scott: A Life in Dance – Michelle Potter (Text)

Kerry Stokes: The Boy from Nowhere – Andrew Rule (HarperCollins)

More Decent Obsessions: The Small Things That Tell the Big Picture  – Bernard Salt (Melbourne University Press)

Adam Spencer’s Big Book of Numbers – Adam Spencer (Xoum)

Beyond the Ladies Lounge: Australia’s Female Publicans – Clare Wright (Text)





Tim and Ed – Ursula Dubosarsky, ill. Andrew Joyner (Penguin)

Tashi and the Wicked Magician – Anna Fienberg and Barbara Fienberg, ill. Geoff Kelly and Kim Gamble (Allen & Unwin)

Brotherband 5: Scorpion Mountain – John Flanagan (Random House)

The Beach They Called Gallipoli – Jackie French and Bruce Whatley (HarperCollins)

The Best Australian Science Writing 2014 – ed. Ashley Hay (NewSouth)

Tea and Sugar Christmas – Jane Jolly, ill. Robert Ingpen (National Library of Australia)

The Burptionary – Andy Jones, ill. David Puckeridge (ABC Books/HarperCollins)

Dr Karl’s Even Bigger Book of Science Stuff and Nonsense – Dr Karl Kruszelnicki (Pan Macmillan)

Anzac Ted – Belinda Landsberry (Exisle)

Lulu Bell and the Christmas Elf – Belinda Murrell (Random House)

The Mission – Fiona Palmer (Escape/Harlequin)

Laurinda – Alice Pung (Black Inc)

Withering-by-Sea – Judith Rossell (ABC Books/HarperCollins)

Corruption – Jessica Shirvington (HarperCollins)

Truly Tan: Freaked! – Jen Storer, ill. Claire Robertson (ABC Books/HarperCollins)

Crash: Twinmaker 2 – Sean Williams (Allen & Unwin)

October 2014


Cover Story – Rachel Bailey (Momentum)

Unlocked – HC Brown (Momentum)

The Healer – Allison Butler (Escape/Harlequin)

A Heart Worth Mending – Amanda Canham (Escape/Harlequin)

Amnesia – Peter Carey (Penguin)

Jazz BabyTéa Cooper (Escape/Harlequin)

Forbidden Fruit – Ilsa Evans (Momentum)

Bound by His Desire – Nicole Flockton (Escape/Harlequin)

When Stars Collide: The Darkon Warriors Book 5 – SE Gilchrist (Escape/Harlequin)

Skywatcher: Dragon Wine 2 – Donna Maree Hanson (Momentum)

This Picture of You – Sarah Hopkins (Allen & Unwin)

Half the World in Winter – Maggie Joel (Allen & Unwin)

Outback Ghost: Bunyip Bay Book 3 – Rachael Johns (Harlequin)

Australian Love Stories – ed. Cate Kennedy (Inkerman & Blunt)

Hello from the Gillespies – Monica McInerney (Penguin)

Crucifixion Creek: The Belltree Trilogy 1 – Barry Maitland (Text)

Dreamer’s Pool: Blackthorn and Grim 1 – Juliet Marillier (Pan Macmillan)

Storm – Tim Minchin (Hachette)

Reluctantly Charmed – Ellie O’Neill (Simon & Schuster)

The Sunnyvale Girls – Fiona Palmer (Penguin)

The Hunter – Tony Park (Pan Macmillan)

Thicker Than Water – Richard Rossiter (UWA Publishing)

Tempted by the Billionaire Tycoon – Jennifer St George (Destiny/Penguin)

Kiss it Better – Jenny Schwartz (Escape/Harlequin)

The Rosie Effect – Graeme Simsion (Text)

Foresight: Timesplash 3 – Graham Storrs (Momentum)

Cleanskin Cowgirls – Rachael Treasure (HarperCollins)

Phantazein – ed. Tehani Wessely (FableCroft Publishing)

Focus 2013: highlights of Australian short fiction – ed. Tehani Wessely (FableCroft Publishing)

The Boyfriend Sessions – Belinda Williams (Momentum)

To Name Those Lost – Rohan Wilson (Allen & Unwin)



Poetry Notebook 2006-2014 – Clive James (Picador/Pan Macmillan)

Vagabondage – Beth Spencer (UWA Publishing)




Flying on Broken Wings – Carrie Bailee (Affirm Press)

A-Z of Convicts in Van Diemen’s Land – Simon Barnard (Text)

Brekky Central – Adam Boland (Melbourne University Press)

Dog Eat Dog: A story of survival, struggle and triumph from the man who put AC/DC on the world stage – Michael Browning (Allen & Unwin)

A Little History: Photographs of Nick Cave and cohorts 1981-2013 – Bleddyn Butcher (Allen & Unwin)

It’s Not You, Geography, It’s Me – Kristy Chambers (University of Queensland Press)

MoVida Solera – Frank Camorra and Richard Cornish (Lantern/Penguin)

Dick Hamer: The liberal Liberal – Tim Colebatch (Scribe)

Charles Bean – Ross Coulthart (HarperCollins)

Iron Eagle – Dean Cox with Digby Beacham (Pan Macmillan)

The Wife Drought – Annabel Crabb (Random House)

Challenge – Paul Daley (Melbourne University Press)

Battarbee and Namatjira – Martin Edmond (Giramondo)

John Gould’s Extinct and Endangered Mammals of Australia – Fred Ford (National Library of Australia)

The Suburban Captivity of the Church: Contextualising the Gospel for Post-Christian Australia – Tim Foster (Acorn Press)

The Man. The Cricketer. The Legend – Adam Gilchrist (Affirm Press)

My Story – Julia Gillard (Random House)

Trading Places: The Airport Economist’s guide to international business – Tim Harcourt (NewSouth)

The New Easy – Donna Hay (HarperCollins)

An Outback Nurse – Thea Hayes (Allen & Unwin)

Sir Leo Hielscher: Made in Queensland – Leo Hielscher with Joanna Holliman  (University of Queensland Press)

The Making of Australia – David Hill (Random House)

The Spy Catchers: The Official History of ASIO 1949-1963 – David Horner (Allen & Unwin)

Once Upon a Time in Melbourne – Liam Houlihan (Victory/MUP)

The Menzies Era – John Howard (HarperCollins)

Utterly Delicious Simple Food – Belinda Jeffery (Lantern/Penguin)

Acute Misfortune: The Life and Death of Adam Cullen – Erik Jensen (Black Inc)

Mercenary Mum: My journey from young mother to Baghdad bodyguard – Neryl Joyce (Black Inc)

High Stakes: The Rise of the Waterhouse Dynasty – Paul Kennedy (Hachette)

Gallipoli Diaries – Jonathan King (Scribe)

The Dangerous Bride: A memoir of love, gods and geography – Lee Kofman (Melbourne University Press)

Adam’s Big Pot – Adam Liaw (Hachette)

A Fig at the Gate – Kate Llewellyn (Allen & Unwin)

New York in Style – Janelle McCulloch (Victory/MUP)

The Art of Belonging – Hugh Mackay (Pan Macmillan)

Men & You – Rikki Markson and Jayde Kelly (Harlequin)

In the Company of Cowards – Michael Mori (Penguin)

Guilt-Free Bottle Feeding – Madeline Morris (Finch Publishing)

Walking Free – Dr Munjed Al Muderis (Allen & Unwin)

Anzac Sons: The story of five brothers in the war to end all wars – Allison Marlow Paterson (Big Sky Publishing)

100 Moments in Australian Painting – Barry Pearce (NewSouth)

Don Bradman – Roland Perry (Hachette)

Cook Book – Matt Preston (Plum/Pan Macmillan)

The Real Chopper: The man behind the legend, inside and out – Adam Shand (Penguin)

Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Kitchen – Suzy Spoon (Plum/Pan Macmillan)

My Bon Scott – Irene Thorton (Pan Macmillan)

A Bone of Fact – David Walsh (Picador/Pan Macmillan)

Well May We Say: The speeches that made Australia – ed. Sally Warhaft (Text)

The Bush – Don Watson (Penguin)

Dancing with a Cocaine Cowboy: Love and life with a Colombian drug trafficker – Robyn Windshuttle (Allen & Unwin)

Food Fashion Love – Fleur Wood (Lantern/Penguin)

Food of the Southern Forests – Sophie Zalokar, phot. Craig Kinder (UWAP)




Nona & Me – Clare Atkins (Black Inc)

The Last King of Angkor Wat – Graeme Base (Penguin)

Sandy Feet – Nikki Buick  (University of Queensland Press)

Wombat Went A’Surfing – Lachlan Creagh (Hachette)

Captain Kangaroo Saves the Day – Mandy Foot (Hachette)

The Cleo Stories: The Necklace and the Present – Libby Gleeson, ill. Freya Blackwood (Allen & Unwin)

The 52-Storey Treehouse Diary 2015 – Andy Griffiths, ill. Terry Denton (Pan Macmillan)

Our Australian Girl: Daisy on the Road (Book 4) – Michelle Hamer, ill. Lucia Masciullo (Penguin)

The Wild One – Sonya Hartnett, ill. Lucia Masciullo (Penguin)

Clementine Rose and the Famous Friend 7 – Jacqueline Harvey (Random House)

Clementine Rose Busy Day Book – Jacqueline Harvey (Random House)

Wombats at the Zoo – Roland Harvey (Allen & Unwin)

Counting Aussie Animals in My Backyard – Bronwyn Houston (Magabala)

Cooper Bartholomew is Dead – Rebecca James (Allen & Unwin)

Pandora Jones: Deception – Barry Jonsberg (Allen & Unwin)

Noni the Pony Goes to the Beach – Alison Lester (Allen & Unwin)

Clariel – Garth Nix (Allen & Unwin)

Stunno’s Surf Adventure – Mark Reside, ill. Tina Jacobson (Mark Reside)

Sylvia – Christine Sharp  (University of Queensland Press)

Race to the End of the World: The Mapmaker Chronicles – AL Tait (Hachette)

Our Australian Girl: Pearlie’s Ghost (Book 4) – Gabrielle Wang, ill. Lucia Masciullo (Penguin)

Afterworlds – Scott Westerfeld (Penguin)

John Williamson’s Christmas in Australia – John Williamson, ill. Mitch Vane (Penguin)

Come Count with Me – Marika Wilson (Allen & Unwin)

September 2014


Driving in Neutral – Sandra Antonelli (Escape/Harlequin)

Miss Spelled – Sarah Belle (Escape/Harlequin)

The Best Man – Dianne Blacklock (Pan Macmillan)

Charming the Outback – Lisa Bow (Destiny/Penguin)

Aurora: Meridian – Amanda Bridgeman (Momentum)

Tumbledown Manor – Helen Brown (Allen & Unwin)

Cherish Me, Cowboy – Alissa Callen (Tule Publishing)

Rachael’s Gift – Alexandra Cameron (Picador/Pan Macmillan)

What a Duke Dares – Anna Campbell (HarperCollins)

An Unsuitable Match – Sasha Cottman (Destiny/Penguin)

Dark Deceit – Lauren Dawes (Momentum)

Food Babies Love – Emily Dupuche (Plum/Pan Macmillan)

Deep Diving – Cate Ellink (Escape/Harlequin)

Evergreen Falls – Kimberley Freeman (Hachette)

Fulfilment: The Temptation Series Book 3 – KM Golland (Harlequin)

Moonlight Plains – Barbara Hannay (Penguin)

Shatterwing: Dragon Wine 1 – Donna Maree Hanson (Momentum)

The Family Men – Catherine Harris (Black Inc)

Golden Boys – Sonya Hartnett (Penguin)

The French Prize – Cathryn Hein (Harlequin)

The Snow Kimono – Mark Henshaw (Text)

Yours to Command: ES Siren 2 – Shona Husk (Momentum)

Mothers and Daughters – Kylie Ladd (Allen & Unwin)

Dishonour – Gabrielle Lord (Hachette)

Haunted Ever After – Juliet Madison (Escape/Harlequin)

Country at Heart – Mandy Magro (Harlequin)

The Falcon Throne – Karen Miller (Orbit/Hachette)

The Year it all Ended – Kirsty Murray (Allen & Unwin)

Heat and Light – Ellen van Neerven (University of Queensland Press)

Can You Keep a Secret? – Caroline Overington (Random House)

When the Night Comes – Favel Parrett (Hachette)

Lyrebird Hill – Anna Romer (Simon & Schuster)

Yours to Desire: ES Siren 3 – Denise Rossetti (Momentum)

His Island Bride – Maxine Sullivan (Momentum)

Yours to Uncover: ES Siren 1 – Mel Teshco (Momentum)

Beyond Coincidence – Jacquie Underdown (Escape/Harlequin)

Mothers Grimm – Danielle Wood (Allen & Unwin)

Quick – Steve Worland (Penguin)



Collected Poems: Lesbia Harford – ed. Oliver Dennis (UWA Publishing)

South in the World – Lisa Jacobson (UWA Publishing)

Love Poems and Death Threats – Samuel Wagan Watson (University of Queensland Press)




Australia’s Few and the Battle of Britain – Kristen Alexander (NewSouth)

The Age Good Food Guide 2015 – ed. Janne Apelgren and Roslyn Grundy (Fairfax Books)

The Upside of Down: A Memoir – Susan Biggar (Transit Lounge)

Babies Don’t Suck – Aaron Blabey (Pan Macmillan)

The Last Showman – Fred Brophy with Sue Williams (Penguin)

1-Minute Gardener – Fabian Capomolla and Mat Pember (Plum/Pan Macmillan)

Strictly Parenting: Everything You Need to Know about Raising School-Aged Kids  – Michael Carr-Gregg (Penguin)

The Fall: How Simon Gittany Murdered Lisa Harnum – Amy Dale (Random House)

One Minute Paper Airplanes – Andrew Dewar (Tuttle Publishing)

The Climb: Conversations with Australian Women in Power – Geraldine Doogue (Text)

The Discontented Little Baby Book – Dr Pamela Douglas (University of Queensland Press)

Swimming to the Moon – Robert Drewe (Fremantle Press)

Inside the Hawke-Keating Government: A Cabinet Diary – Gareth Evans (Melbourne University Press)

Beloved on this Earth – Cheryl Fong (Brolga)

Tricky Teens – Andrew Fuller (Finch)

This House of Grief – Helen Garner (Text)

Lesbian for a Year – Brooke Hemphill (Affirm Press)

Anzac: The Unauthorised Biography – Carolyn Holbrook (NewSouth)

Triumph and Demise: The Broken Promise of a Labor Generation – Paul Kelly (Melbourne University Press)

Trapped – Marcus and Julia Lee (HarperCollins)

A Doctor’s Dream: A Story of Hope from the Top End – Dr Buddhi Lokuge and Tanya Burke (Allen & Unwin)

Refugees: Why Seeking Asylum is Legal and Australia’s Policies are Not – Jane McAdam and Fiona Chong (UNSW Press)

Kitchen by Mike – Mike McEnearny (Penguin)

High Tea – McGrath Foundation (Penguin)

Outback Stations: Life on the Land by the People Who Live There – Daniel McIntosh  (HarperCollins)

How to Get There – Maggie Mackellar (Random House)

Class Act: Funding the Education Wars – Maxine McKew (Melbourne University Press)

The Family Court Murders – Debi Marshall (Random House)

My Vietnam War: Scarred Forever – Dave Morgan (Big Sky Publishing)

Quarterly Essay 55: On Race and Recognition – Noel Pearson (Quarterly Essay)

Glory, Glory: My Life – John Sattler with Peter Badel (Nero/Black Inc)

The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide 2015 – ed. Joanna Savill and Terry Durack (Fairfax Books)

The Power of Beliefs: 7 Beliefs That Will Change Your Life – Rik Schnabel (Brolga)

Horse Rescue – Joanne Schoenwald (Penguin)

The Ghosts of Roebuck Bay – Ian W Shaw (Pan Macmillan)

Karl Cooks – Karl Stefanovic (Hachette)

The Good Fight – Wayne Swan (Allen & Unwin)

Running Away from Home – Jane de Teliga (Penguin)

Garden Life – Richard Unsworth (Penguin)

Dress, Memory – Lorelei Vashti (Allen & Unwin)

Blood & Guts: Dispatches from the Whale Wars – Sam Vincent (Black Inc)

Maralinga – Frank Walker (Hachette)

The Thing About Prague – Rachael Weiss (Allen & Unwin)

Rules of Engagement – Kim Williams (Miegunyah Press)

Andrew Winter’s Australian Real Estate Guide – Andrew Winter (HarperCollins)

Sell Up, Pack Up and Take Off: A Practical Guide to Retiring in Paradise – Stephen Wyatt and Colleen Ryan (Allen & Unwin)

Hooked – Samantha X (Random House)




Ghost House – Alexandra Adornetto (HarperCollins)

The Book of Days – K.A. Barker (Pan Macmillan)

Hello from Nowhere – Raewyn Caisley, ill. Karen Blair (Penguin)

Brotherhood of Thieves 2: The Highlanders – Stuart Daly (Random House)

Heartwood – Pollyanna Darling, ill. Kirsty Chalmers (Imaginaria)

Ten Christmas Crackers – Karen Erasmus (Lothian/Hachette)

Being Jack – Suzanne Gervay (HarperCollins)

The 52-Storey Treehouse – Andy Griffiths, ill. Terry Denton (Pan Macmillan)

Stuff Happens: Michael – Phillip Gwynne (Penguin)

The Summer of Kicks – Dave Hackett (University of Queensland Press)

The Rescue Ark – Susan Hall, ill. Naomi Zouwer (National Library of Australia)

Alice-Miranda at Camp – Jacqueline Harvey (Random House)

On a Small Island – Kyle Hughes-Odgers (Fremantle Press)

The Lost Dogs: Juliet, Nearly a Vet (Book 7) – Rebecca Johnson, ill. Kyla May (Penguin)

Playground Pets: Juliet, Nearly a Vet (Book 8) – Rebecca Johnson, ill. Kyla May (Penguin)

Lucky Thamu – Cheryl Kickett-Tucker and Jaylon Tucker (Fremantle Press)

Stuff Happens: Sean – Will Kostakis (Penguin)

The Pirate Who Had to Pee – Tim Miller, ill. Matt Stanton (HarperCollins)

The House of Puzzles – Richard Newsome (Text)

How to Save the Universe in Ten Easy Steps – Allison Rushby (Allen & Unwin)

Little She-Wolf – Chloe Twohig, ill. Kia Maddock (Imaginaria)

Whale in the Bath – Kylie Westaway, ill. Tom Jellett (Allen & Unwin)

Spud & Charli – Samantha Wheeler (University of Queensland Press)

Rain Dance – Karen Wood (Allen & Unwin)



August 2014 releases


Sweet Dreams: The Awakening Book 2 – Mael d’Armor (Impulse/HarperCollins)

Obsidian – Alan Baxter (Voyager/HarperCollins)

Engaging the Enemy – Susanne Bellamy (Harlequin Escape)

In a Time Where They Belong: Strange Worlds Book 2 – Brenda Cheers (Brenda Cheers)

Deeper Water – Jessie Cole (HarperCollins)

Enraptured – Shannon Curtis (Harlequin Escape)

Deadly Obsession – Karen M Davis (Simon & Schuster)

The Phoenix Variant – Nathan M Farrugia (Momentum)

Tracks of the Heart – Heather Garside (Clan Destine)

Under Cover of Dark – Juanita Kees (Harlequin Escape)

The Sorcerer’s Spell – Dani Kristoff (Impulse/HarperCollins)

The Eye of the Sheep – Sofie Laguna (Allen & Unwin)

The Turning Tide – CM Lance (Allen & Unwin)

Over the Water – William Lane (Transit Lounge)

Loving Rose – Stephanie Laurens (Avon/HarperCollins)

The Mandarin Code – Steve Lewis and Chris Uhlmann (HarperCollins)

The Astrologer’s Daughter – Rebecca Lim (Text)

The Golden Age – Joan London (Random House)

Arms Race – Nic Low (Text)

Demons – Wayne Macauley (Text)

The Sun is God – Adrian McKinty (Allen & Unwin)

Betrayal – Lara Morgan (Escape/Harlequin)

Big Little Lies – Liane Moriarty (Pan Macmillan)

Loving the Prince – Nicole Murphy (Harlequin Escape)

Here Come the Dogs – Omar Musa (Penguin)

The Wonders – Paddy O’Reilly (Affirm Press)

Red Dirt Duchess – Louise Reynolds (Destiny/Penguin)

Life or Death – Michael Robotham (Hachette)

A Fatal Tide – Steve Sailah (Random House)

Nest – Inga Simpson (Hachette)

Luna Tango – Alli Sinclair (Harlequin)

Game Day – Miriam Sved (Pan Macmillan)

Losing Patients – Virginia Taylor (Random House)

Shrine: A Play in One Act – Tim Winton (Penguin)




Coast Road: Selected Poems – Robert Gray (Black Inc)

Gap – Rebecca Jessen (University of Queensland Press)

The Special – David Stavanger (University of Queensland Press)




On the Road … with Kids – John Ahern (Pan Macmillan)

Will to Live – Matthew and Diane Ames (Penguin)

Why Aren’t We Dead Yet? – Idan Ben-Barak (Scribe)

Home Truths – Craig Bellamy and Matt Marshall (Penguin)

Born Bad: Original Sin and the Making of the Western World – James Boyce (Black Inc)

Three Quarter Man – Sam Bramham (Affirm Press)

Optimism: Reflections on a Life in Action – Bob Brown (Hardie Grant)

Descent into Hell: The fall of  Singapore – Pudu and Changi – The Thai-Burma Railway – Peter Brune (Allen & Unwin)

The Aitch Factor – Susan Butler (Pan Macmillan)

Fugitive Books: The U Committee’s Book Fair 1968–2012  & Women’s Voluntary Work at UNSW – Roderic Campbell (UNSW Archives)

Born to Fly – Ryan Campbell (Harlequin)

Hitchy Feet – John Card (Finch Publishing)

Your Cherished Baby – Dr Howard Chilton (Pan Macmillan)

The Best Years of Our Lives – Richard Clapton (Allen & Unwin)

The Fights of My Life – Greg Combet with Mark Davis (Melbourne University Press)

Warning: The Story of Cyclone Tracy – Sophie Cunningham (Text)

Men and Women of Australia! Our Greatest Modern Speeches – Michael Fullilove (Penguin)

Australian Wine Vintages: 2015, 32nd edition – Robert Geddes MW (Geddes a Drink Publications)

Out of Place (Gwalia) – Philip Goldswain, Nicole Sully, William Taylor (University of Western Australia Press)

Australian Wine Companion 2015 – James Halliday (Hardie Grant)

The Night the Music Died – Ian Heads (Pan Macmillan)

Savage Harvest – Carl Hoffman (Text)

Hockey: Not Your Average Joe – Madonna King (University of Queensland Press)

The ABC Book of Children’s Cakes – Kathy Knudsen (HarperCollins)

The Political Bubble – Mark Latham (Pan Macmillan)

The Economics of Just About Everything – Andrew Leigh (Allen & Unwin)

Summit 8000: Life and Death with Australia’s Greatest Mountaineer – Andrew Lock (Melbourne University Press)

The Whitlam Mob – Mungo MacCallum (Black Inc)

He Who Must Be Obeid – Kate McClymont and Linton Besser (Random House)

Tim Winton: Critical Essays – ed. Lyn McCredden and Nathanael O’Reilly (University of Western Australia Press)

Victoria at War: 1914-1918 – Michael McKernan (NewSouth)

Talking Smack: Honest Conversations about Drugs – Andrew McMillen (University of Queensland Press)

Afghanistan: Australia’s War – Ian McPhedran, photog. Gary Ramage (HarperCollins)

Clint Palmer: SAS Insider – Robert Macklin (Hachette)

The Hard Sell – Dee Madigan (Melbourne University Press)

Mothers Who Murder – Xanthé Mallett (Random House)

Ambon – Roger Maynard (Ambon)

Favourites: Over 100 Recipes to Cook at Home – Gary Mehigan (Penguin)

At the Altar of the Road Gods – Boris Mihailovic (Hachette)

Hell-Bent – Douglas Newton (Scribe)

Back of Beyond – Freda Marnie Nicholls (Allen & Unwin)

Flight Command – John Oddie (Allen & Unwin)

Unlock Your Style – Nikki Parkinson (Hachette)

Australia’s Hardest Prison: Inside the Walls of Long Bay Jail – James Phelps (Random House)

The Gatekeepers: Lessons from Prime Ministers’ Chiefs of Staff – RAW Rhodes and Anne Tiernan (Melbourne University Press)

Khaki Crims and Desperadoes – Russell Robinson (Pan Macmillan)

How I Rescued My Brain – David Roland (Scribe)

School Days of a Methodist Lady: A Journey through Girlhood – Jill Sanguinetti (Wild Dingo Press)

Griffith REVIEW45: The Way We Work – ed. Julianne Schultz (Text)

I, Migrant – Sami Shah (Allen & Unwin)

Banjo: The Man Who Wrote Waltzing Matilda – Paul Terry (Allen & Unwin)

Pacing – Individual Strategies for Optimal Performance – Kevin Thompson (Human Kinetics Australia)

The Voice: My Story – Ray Warren with Andrew Webster (Nero/Black Inc)

A Kind of Victory: Captain Charles Cox and his Australian Cavalrymen – Craig Wilcox (National Library of Australia)

Hey, True Blue – John Williamson (Penguin)

Love You, Dad – Alana Wulff (Random House)



Riddle Gully Runaway – Jen Banyard (Fremantle Press)

Our Village in  the Sky – Janeen Brian, ill. Anne Spudvilas (Allen & Unwin)

Stuff Happens: Ned – Andrew Daddo (Penguin)

Caesar the War Dog 3: Operation Pink Elephant – Stephen Dando-Collins (Random House)

The Trials of Tiah  Riley – Evelyn DeVere (Breedles Publishing)

The Quivering Quavers: The Cryptic Casebook of Coco Carlomagno (and Alberta) Book 5 – Ursula Dubosarsky, ill. Terry Denton

Emus Under the Bed – Leann J Edwards (Allen & Unwin)

My Dog Doesn’t Like Me – Elizabeth Fensham (University of Queensland Press)

Masquerade – Kylie Fornasier (Penguin)

My Grumpy Day – Felicity Gardner (Hachette)

Are You Seeing Me? – Darren Groth (Random House)

Greenheart of the Forest – Lizbeth Klein (Wombat Books)

Billy Slater 3: Show and Go – Patrick Loughlin, ill. Nahum Ziersch (Random House)

Crashing Down – Kate McCaffrey (Fremantle Press)

The Voyage of the Unquiet Ice: The Ship Kings 2 – Andrew McGahan (Allen & Unwin)

The War of the Four Isles: The Ship Kings 3 – Andrew McGahan (Allen & Unwin)

One Minute’s Silence – David Metzenthen, ill. Michael Camilleri (Allen & Unwin)

The Soldier’s Gift – Tony Palmer, ill. Jane Tanner (Penguin)

Big Pet Day – Lisa Shanahan, ill. Gus Gordon (Hachette)

Crystal Bay Girls: Romy Bright Book 2 – Jen Storer (Penguin)

Daisy Takes Charge: Wilderness Fairies Book Three – Jodie Wells-Snelgrove, ill. Kerry Millard (Penguin)

Stuff Happens: Jack – Tony Wilson (Penguin)

The Protected – Claire Zorn (University of Queensland Press)

July 2014 releases


Risky Business – Amy Andrews (Harlequin Escape)

Hollywood Dreams – Mae Archer (Momentum)

Let Her Go – Dawn Barker (Hachette)

Lethal Sky – Greg Barron (HarperCollins)

The Case of the Bullets at the Ballet – CS Boag (Xoum)

Family Secrets – Liz Byrski (Pan Macmillan)

Lily’s Leap – Téa Cooper (Harlequin Escape)

Velvet Trap – Mael d’Amor (Impulse/HarperCollins)

Lost & Found – Brooke Davis (Hachette)

Sweet One – Peter Docker (Fremantle Press)

Love by Numbers – Sara Donovan (Impulse/HarperCollins)

Analogue Men – Nick Earls (Random House)

Earthshine – JJ Gadd  (Impulse/HarperCollins)

What Came Before – Anna George (Penguin)

Stories of Sydney – ed. Alice Grundy (Seizure/Xoum)

Sky High, Bone Deep – NM Harris (Harlequin Escape)

Breaking the Drought – Lisa Ireland (Harlequin Escape)

Chasing the Ace – Nicholas J Johnson (Simon & Schuster)

Yes, Chef! – Lisa Joy (Destiny/Penguin)

Flight of Torque – Rebecca Laffar-Smith (Rebecca Laffar-Smith)

Loving Rose: The Redemption of Malcolm Sinclair – Stephanie Laurens (Avon/HarperCollins)

Red Sand Sunrise – Fiona McArthur (Penguin)

K9 Blue: Duck and Weave – Mike McCredie  (Impulse/HarperCollins)

The Songs of Jesse Adams – Peter McKinnon (Acorn Press)

Swimming in the Dark – Paddy Richardson (Pan Macmillan)

Claustrophobia – Tracy Ryan (Transit Lounge)

Marble Bar – Robert Schofield (Allen & Unwin)

Hamlet’s Ghost – Jane Tara (Momentum)

Cherry Bomb – Jenny Valentish (Allen & Unwin)

Scattered Monkeys – Bruce Venables (Random House)

Dark Child: Covens Rising – Adina West (Momentum)

Allegiance – Wanda Wiltshire (Pantera Press)



Final Theory – Bonny Cassidy (Giramondo)

Poems 1957 – 2013 – Geoffrey Lehmann (UWA Publishing)




Confessions of a Qantas Flight Attendant – Owen Beddall (Random House)

Kokoda Air Strikes – Anthony Cooper (New South)

Gravity – Mary Delahunty (Hardie Grant)

Beyond the Boom – John Edwards (Penguin)

The Australian Ageing Generation Handbook – Josie Gagliano (Jane Curry Publishing)

Reservoir Dad – Clint Greagen (Random House)

Cut the Carbs! – Tori Hasckha (Hardie Grant)

Ten Conversations You Must Have with Your Son – Dr Tim Hawkes (Hachette)

Superdad Speedbible – Ryan Heffernan (Jane Curry Publishing)

Menzies at War – Anne Henderson (New South)

Stop the Presses! – Ben Hills (HarperCollins)

Australian History in 7 Questions – John Hirst (Black Inc)

Headache – Dr Carole Hungerford (Scribe)

To Begin to Know – David Leser (Allen & Unwin)

Where Song Began – Tim Low (Penguin)

Love Never Dies – Karina Machado (Pan Macmillan)

The Life of I – Anne Manne (Melbourne University Publishing)

Blood and Circuses: An Irresponsible Memoir – Lex Marinos (Allen & Unwin)

The Book of Paul: The Wit and Wisdom of Paul Keating – Russell Marks (compiled) (Black Inc)

The Professionals: Strategy, Money and the Rise of the Political Campaigner in Australia – Stephen Mills (Black Inc)

Journalism Ethics for the Digital Age – Denis Muller (Scribe)

Under Seige – Belinda Neil (Harlequin)

20 Tips for Parents – Professor Kim Oates (Finch Publishing)

Have You Seen Simone? The Story of an Unsolved Murder – Virginia Peters (Black Inc)

Pretty Funny Tea Cosies – Loani Prior (Murdoch Books)

A Revolution in the Making: 3D Printing, Robots and the Future – Guy Rundle (Affirm Press)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Chemo – Luke Ryan (Affirm Press)

Carl Williams – Adam Shand (Penguin)

Live Happier, Live Longer – Dr Timothy Sharp (Allen & Unwin)

Drover  – Bruce Simpson (HarperCollins)

The Luck of the Irish – Babette Smith (Allen & Unwin)

The Biker and the Banker’s Daughter – David Spiteri (Impulse/HarperCollins)

Tomorrow We Escape – Tom Trumble (Penguin)




Bully on the Bus – Kathryn Apel (University of Queensland Press)

Pig the Pug – Aaron Blabey (Scholastic)

Chook Chook: Saving the Farm – Wai Chim (University of Queensland Press)

I Am Juliet – Jackie French (HarperCollins)

The Boy’s Own Guide to Being a Proper Jew – Eli Glasman (Sleepers)

Writing Clementine – Kate Gordon (Allen & Unwin)

Duck in a Truck in the Muck – Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton (Pan Macmillan)

Frog on a Log in a Bog – Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton (Pan Macmillan)

Our Australian Girl: Daisy in the Mansion (Book 3) – Michelle Hamer & Lucia Masciullo (Penguin)

Pearlie Goes to Rio – Wendy Harmer (Random House)

Head of the River – Pip Harry (University of Queensland Press)

Clementine Rose and the Treasure Box – Jacqueline Harvey (Random House)

Mr Chicken Lands on London – Leigh Hobbs (Allen & Unwin)

The Croc and the Platypus – Jackie Hosking & Marjorie Crosby-Fairall (Walker Books)

The Lost Girl – Ambelin Kwaymullina & Leanne Tobin (Walker Books)

1836: Do You Dare? – Fighting Bones – Sofie Laguna (Penguin)

Razorhurst – Justine Larbalestier (Allen & Unwin)

The Crystal Heart – Sophie Masson (Random House)

Chasing the Valley: Skyfire – Skye Melki-Wegner (Random House)

1844: Do You Dare? – The Last Horse Race – James Moloney (Penguin)

Roses are Blue – Sally Murphy & Gabriel Evans (Walker Books)

As Stars Fall – Christie Nieman (Pan Macmillan)

The Last Thirteen #6 – James Phelan (Scholastic)

Australian Bushrangers: Ben Hall – Jane Smith (Big Sky Publishing)

Australian Bushrangers: Frank Gardiner – Jane Smith (Big Sky Publishing)

Our Australian Girl: Pearlie the Spy  (Book 3) – Gabrielle Wang & Lucia Masciullo (Penguin)

Shimmer: The Rephaim Book 3 – Paula Weston (Text)



June 2014 releases


Guardian – Jo Anderton (FableCroft)

Gorgon – Greig Beck (Momentum)

Being Jade – Kate Belle (Simon & Schuster)

A Dream of Something More – Jane Carter (Momentum)

Craven – Melanie Casey (Pantera Press) 

Demon Child – Kylie Chan (Voyager/HarperCollins)

Dancing on Knives – Kate Forsyth (Random House)

Goddess – Kelly Gardiner (HarperCollins)

Be My Baby – Laura Greaves (Destiny/Penguin)

Manifestations – David M Henley (Voyager/HarperCollins)

Lost River: Four Albums – Simone Lazaroo (UWA Publishing)

K9 Blue: Ground Zero – Mike McCredie (Impulse/HarperCollins)

St Kilda Blues – Geoffrey McGeachin (Penguin)

A Million Windows – Gerald Murnane (Giramondo)

The Knight of Castle Kildaire – Erin Moira O’Hara (Destiny/Penguin)

Currawong Manor – Josephine Pennicott (Pan Macmillan)

The Other Shore – Hoa Pham (Xoum)

The Neighbour – Julie Proudfoot (Xoum)

I, Morgana – Felicity Pulman (Momentum)

Billabong Bend – Jennifer Scoullar (Penguin)

Rough Surrender – Cari Silverwood (Momentum)

Sideshow – Nicole Smith (Xoum)

The Secrets in Silence – Nicole Trope (Allen & Unwin)

Blood and Bone – Daniel Davis Wood (Xoum)




Dogs That Make a Difference – Saskia Adams (Penguin)

Travelling without Gods: A Chris Wallace-Crabbe Companion – ed. Cassandra Atherton (Melbourne University Publishing)

My Year Without Matches – Claire Dunn (Nero/Black Inc)

My Rubbish Career: Municipal Waste Management – Stuart Edwards (Stuart Edwards)

How to Taste Wine – Len Evans (Xoum)

It Will Get Better – Stella Gibney (Allen & Unwin)

Melbourne Art Deco – Robin Grow (Brolga)

Spinifex Baby – Karen Harrland (Finch Publishing)

Funemployed: Life as an Artist in Australia – Justin Heazlewood (Affirm Press)

Game, Set, Cash! – Brad Hutchins (Nero/Black Inc)

The Birth of the Modern Mum – Heather Irvine (Jane Curry Publishing)

Run For Your Life: A Memoir – Jill Jolliffe (Affirm Press)

High-Performance Training for Sports – David Joyce (Human Kinetics Australia)

Kissed by a Croc – John Lever, Jenny Lanyon (HarperCollins)

Resurrection – PA McDermott (Jane Curry Publishing)

Demokrasi: Indonesia in the 21st Century – Hamish McDonald (Black Inc)

Last Bets: A true story of gambling, morality and the law – Michaela McGuire (Melbourne University Publishing)

Sexts, Texts & Selfies – Susan McLean (Penguin)

The Fictional Woman – Tara Moss (HarperCollins)

The Von: Stories and Suggestions from Australian Golf’s Little Master  – Norman von Nida with Ben Robertson (University of Queensland Press)

The Independent Member for Lyne – Rob Oakeshott (Allen & Unwin)

The Feel-Good Hit of the Year – Liam Pieper (Penguin)

Women Who Seize the Moment – Angela Priestley (Jane Curry Publishing)

Biting Through – John Ratcliffe (Scribe)

Stoker Munro: Survivor – David Spiteri (HarperCollins)

One Shot Kills: A History of Australian Army Sniping – Glenn Wahlert, Russell Linwood (Big Sky Publishing)

In My Mother’s Hands – Biff Ward (Allen & Unwin)

Blue Flames, Black Gold: The Story of Santos – Kristin Weidenbach (East Street)




That Stranger Next Door – Goldie Alexander (Clan Destine Press)

Intruder – Christine Bongers (Random House)

Wombat Jumped Over the Moon – Lachlan Creagh (Hachette)

Silly Birds – Gregg Dreise (Magabala Books)

I Am Cow Hear Me Moo – Jill Esbaum, ill. Gus Gordon (Penguin)

Billy is a Dragon 3: Shadow Shifter – Nick Falk, ill. Tony Flowers (Random House)

Billy is a Dragon 4: Eaten Alive! – Nick Falk, ill. Tony Flowers (Random House)

Don’t Kiss Girls – Pat Flynn (University of Queensland Press)

Loyal Creatures – Morris Gleitzman (Penguin)

Kelsey and the Quest of the Porcelain Doll – Rosanne Hawke (University of Queensland Press)

Phyllis Wong and the Return of the Conjuror – Geoffrey McSkimming (Allen & Unwin)

The Caller: Shadowfell 3 – Juliet Marillier (Pan Macmillan)

Every Word – Ellie Marney (Allen & Unwin)

Lulu Bell and the Pyjama Party – Belinda Murrell, ill. Serena Geddes (Random House)

Lulu Bell and the Tiger Cub – Belinda Murrell, ill. Serena Geddes (Random House)

Butterfly and Oscar – Tricia Oktober  (Ford Street)

Come On, Let’s Play! – Cheryl Orsini (Hachette)

The Word Ghost – Christine Paice (Allen & Unwin)

Flying Dinosaurs – John Pickrell (New South)

Cracked – Clare Strahan (Allen & Unwin)