This website contains listings of original print book and original e-book releases written by Australian authors. These books are mostly published by Australian publishers but if the book is only published by a foreign publisher, it is still included. The listings do not include:

  • Australian editions of books written by non-Australian authors;
  • new editions of previously released books by Australian authors;
  • updated editions of previously released books by Australian authors.

The listings begin in June 2014. Previous releases cannot be included, not because we’re unwilling to do so, just because we don’t have the resources .

The releases are organised according to ‘release month’ – that is, how the publisher denotes the release date rather than the actual release date. For example, an ‘August book’ may technically have been published on 23 July but it will appear in the August list.

Self-published releases are very difficult to track unless we alerted to their existence, as the information on this site does not come from a data feed – it is researched by humans.



The format for listings is: title – author (publisher). The listings are organised within the categories Fiction, Non-fiction and Children’s (NB: young adult fiction is included in Children’s), alphabetically by author surname. At this stage we are not able to further refine these categories by genre, as this would require more resources than we have, nor are we able to provide blurbs for each book.



The information on this website isn’t automated – it has been sought out and entered by hand. Accordingly, it’s not complete, as it is surprisingly time and labour intensive to discover which of each month’s new books are written by Australians – but the point of this website is to make it easier for readers to know which books are Australian, should they so wish. The reason this website has been created is to support the Australian book industry and to make it easier for readers to discover Australian books.



Each book title is a hyperlink to a website where you can purchase the book, as we feel it is more useful to do this than send you to the publisher’s website, where you may or may not be able to buy the book. The online bookseller has been chosen deliberately but is not involved with the creation or maintenance of this site. In cases where the book is not supplied by the bookseller, the link will be to the publisher’s website.

If you don’t wish to or aren’t able to buy a book, why not visit your local library?


If you are an author or publisher and your book(s) published in or after June 2014 aren’t included on this site, please contact us by email.