August 2014 releases

by australianbookreleases


Sweet Dreams: The Awakening Book 2 – Mael d’Armor (Impulse/HarperCollins)

Obsidian – Alan Baxter (Voyager/HarperCollins)

Engaging the Enemy – Susanne Bellamy (Harlequin Escape)

In a Time Where They Belong: Strange Worlds Book 2 – Brenda Cheers (Brenda Cheers)

Deeper Water – Jessie Cole (HarperCollins)

Enraptured – Shannon Curtis (Harlequin Escape)

Deadly Obsession – Karen M Davis (Simon & Schuster)

The Phoenix Variant – Nathan M Farrugia (Momentum)

Tracks of the Heart – Heather Garside (Clan Destine)

Under Cover of Dark – Juanita Kees (Harlequin Escape)

The Sorcerer’s Spell – Dani Kristoff (Impulse/HarperCollins)

The Eye of the Sheep – Sofie Laguna (Allen & Unwin)

The Turning Tide – CM Lance (Allen & Unwin)

Over the Water – William Lane (Transit Lounge)

Loving Rose – Stephanie Laurens (Avon/HarperCollins)

The Mandarin Code – Steve Lewis and Chris Uhlmann (HarperCollins)

The Astrologer’s Daughter – Rebecca Lim (Text)

The Golden Age – Joan London (Random House)

Arms Race – Nic Low (Text)

Demons – Wayne Macauley (Text)

The Sun is God – Adrian McKinty (Allen & Unwin)

Betrayal – Lara Morgan (Escape/Harlequin)

Big Little Lies – Liane Moriarty (Pan Macmillan)

Loving the Prince – Nicole Murphy (Harlequin Escape)

Here Come the Dogs – Omar Musa (Penguin)

The Wonders – Paddy O’Reilly (Affirm Press)

Red Dirt Duchess – Louise Reynolds (Destiny/Penguin)

Life or Death – Michael Robotham (Hachette)

A Fatal Tide – Steve Sailah (Random House)

Nest – Inga Simpson (Hachette)

Luna Tango – Alli Sinclair (Harlequin)

Game Day – Miriam Sved (Pan Macmillan)

Losing Patients – Virginia Taylor (Random House)

Shrine: A Play in One Act – Tim Winton (Penguin)




Coast Road: Selected Poems – Robert Gray (Black Inc)

Gap – Rebecca Jessen (University of Queensland Press)

The Special – David Stavanger (University of Queensland Press)




On the Road … with Kids – John Ahern (Pan Macmillan)

Will to Live – Matthew and Diane Ames (Penguin)

Why Aren’t We Dead Yet? – Idan Ben-Barak (Scribe)

Home Truths – Craig Bellamy and Matt Marshall (Penguin)

Born Bad: Original Sin and the Making of the Western World – James Boyce (Black Inc)

Three Quarter Man – Sam Bramham (Affirm Press)

Optimism: Reflections on a Life in Action – Bob Brown (Hardie Grant)

Descent into Hell: The fall of  Singapore – Pudu and Changi – The Thai-Burma Railway – Peter Brune (Allen & Unwin)

The Aitch Factor – Susan Butler (Pan Macmillan)

Fugitive Books: The U Committee’s Book Fair 1968–2012  & Women’s Voluntary Work at UNSW – Roderic Campbell (UNSW Archives)

Born to Fly – Ryan Campbell (Harlequin)

Hitchy Feet – John Card (Finch Publishing)

Your Cherished Baby – Dr Howard Chilton (Pan Macmillan)

The Best Years of Our Lives – Richard Clapton (Allen & Unwin)

The Fights of My Life – Greg Combet with Mark Davis (Melbourne University Press)

Warning: The Story of Cyclone Tracy – Sophie Cunningham (Text)

Men and Women of Australia! Our Greatest Modern Speeches – Michael Fullilove (Penguin)

Australian Wine Vintages: 2015, 32nd edition – Robert Geddes MW (Geddes a Drink Publications)

Out of Place (Gwalia) – Philip Goldswain, Nicole Sully, William Taylor (University of Western Australia Press)

Australian Wine Companion 2015 – James Halliday (Hardie Grant)

The Night the Music Died – Ian Heads (Pan Macmillan)

Savage Harvest – Carl Hoffman (Text)

Hockey: Not Your Average Joe – Madonna King (University of Queensland Press)

The ABC Book of Children’s Cakes – Kathy Knudsen (HarperCollins)

The Political Bubble – Mark Latham (Pan Macmillan)

The Economics of Just About Everything – Andrew Leigh (Allen & Unwin)

Summit 8000: Life and Death with Australia’s Greatest Mountaineer – Andrew Lock (Melbourne University Press)

The Whitlam Mob – Mungo MacCallum (Black Inc)

He Who Must Be Obeid – Kate McClymont and Linton Besser (Random House)

Tim Winton: Critical Essays – ed. Lyn McCredden and Nathanael O’Reilly (University of Western Australia Press)

Victoria at War: 1914-1918 – Michael McKernan (NewSouth)

Talking Smack: Honest Conversations about Drugs – Andrew McMillen (University of Queensland Press)

Afghanistan: Australia’s War – Ian McPhedran, photog. Gary Ramage (HarperCollins)

Clint Palmer: SAS Insider – Robert Macklin (Hachette)

The Hard Sell – Dee Madigan (Melbourne University Press)

Mothers Who Murder – Xanthé Mallett (Random House)

Ambon – Roger Maynard (Ambon)

Favourites: Over 100 Recipes to Cook at Home – Gary Mehigan (Penguin)

At the Altar of the Road Gods – Boris Mihailovic (Hachette)

Hell-Bent – Douglas Newton (Scribe)

Back of Beyond – Freda Marnie Nicholls (Allen & Unwin)

Flight Command – John Oddie (Allen & Unwin)

Unlock Your Style – Nikki Parkinson (Hachette)

Australia’s Hardest Prison: Inside the Walls of Long Bay Jail – James Phelps (Random House)

The Gatekeepers: Lessons from Prime Ministers’ Chiefs of Staff – RAW Rhodes and Anne Tiernan (Melbourne University Press)

Khaki Crims and Desperadoes – Russell Robinson (Pan Macmillan)

How I Rescued My Brain – David Roland (Scribe)

School Days of a Methodist Lady: A Journey through Girlhood – Jill Sanguinetti (Wild Dingo Press)

Griffith REVIEW45: The Way We Work – ed. Julianne Schultz (Text)

I, Migrant – Sami Shah (Allen & Unwin)

Banjo: The Man Who Wrote Waltzing Matilda – Paul Terry (Allen & Unwin)

Pacing – Individual Strategies for Optimal Performance – Kevin Thompson (Human Kinetics Australia)

The Voice: My Story – Ray Warren with Andrew Webster (Nero/Black Inc)

A Kind of Victory: Captain Charles Cox and his Australian Cavalrymen – Craig Wilcox (National Library of Australia)

Hey, True Blue – John Williamson (Penguin)

Love You, Dad – Alana Wulff (Random House)



Riddle Gully Runaway – Jen Banyard (Fremantle Press)

Our Village in  the Sky – Janeen Brian, ill. Anne Spudvilas (Allen & Unwin)

Stuff Happens: Ned – Andrew Daddo (Penguin)

Caesar the War Dog 3: Operation Pink Elephant – Stephen Dando-Collins (Random House)

The Trials of Tiah  Riley – Evelyn DeVere (Breedles Publishing)

The Quivering Quavers: The Cryptic Casebook of Coco Carlomagno (and Alberta) Book 5 – Ursula Dubosarsky, ill. Terry Denton

Emus Under the Bed – Leann J Edwards (Allen & Unwin)

My Dog Doesn’t Like Me – Elizabeth Fensham (University of Queensland Press)

Masquerade – Kylie Fornasier (Penguin)

My Grumpy Day – Felicity Gardner (Hachette)

Are You Seeing Me? – Darren Groth (Random House)

Greenheart of the Forest – Lizbeth Klein (Wombat Books)

Billy Slater 3: Show and Go – Patrick Loughlin, ill. Nahum Ziersch (Random House)

Crashing Down – Kate McCaffrey (Fremantle Press)

The Voyage of the Unquiet Ice: The Ship Kings 2 – Andrew McGahan (Allen & Unwin)

The War of the Four Isles: The Ship Kings 3 – Andrew McGahan (Allen & Unwin)

One Minute’s Silence – David Metzenthen, ill. Michael Camilleri (Allen & Unwin)

The Soldier’s Gift – Tony Palmer, ill. Jane Tanner (Penguin)

Big Pet Day – Lisa Shanahan, ill. Gus Gordon (Hachette)

Crystal Bay Girls: Romy Bright Book 2 – Jen Storer (Penguin)

Daisy Takes Charge: Wilderness Fairies Book Three – Jodie Wells-Snelgrove, ill. Kerry Millard (Penguin)

Stuff Happens: Jack – Tony Wilson (Penguin)

The Protected – Claire Zorn (University of Queensland Press)